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"Upa-yoga is a good start towards a more complete physical life. Those who wish to explore a deeper dimension can go into yoga." - Sadhguru

We will be starting a very effective process called Upa-Yoga. It is a simple yet powerful system of practices that activate the joints, muscles and energy system. Based on a sophisticated understanding of the body’s mechanics, Upa-Yoga brings great ease to the whole system. It relieves physical stress and tiredness. Within the human system, the energy flows along 72,000 pathways called nadis. At the joints, the nadis form energy nodes, making the joints into storehouses of energy. Upa-Yoga activates this energy and also lubricates the joints, creating an instant sense of alertness and liveliness. It rejuvenates the body after a period of inactivity and negates the effects of jetlag and long travel.

35 minutes practice

7+ ages

low intensity

low agility level



  • Relieves physical stress and tiredness

  • Strengthens the joints and muscles

  • Rejuvenates the body after periods of inactivity

  • Negates the effects of jetlag and long travel

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What to expect?

Upa-Yoga is a set of simple and very powerful asanas especially designed for beginners but also highly conducive for long term yoga practitioners. A lot of people who feel excluded of yoga due to their physical condition might be able to practice Upa-Yoga. The practice doesn't loose any effectivity with it's simplicity.

The practice is being transmitted in a highly committed environment with most precision and care, so you will feel empowered to integrate the practice in your life. The teacher has undergone an intense 1750+ hours teacher training, which is seen as one of the most excellent in the world, in an ashram in South India. You will gain deep knowledge of how to do the yoga practice given by the ancient world, which is the basis to let the effects blossom as you want them to.

Who can attend?

The workshop is suitable for complete yoga beginners, since it is being taught in a very defined step-by-step process, as well as for highly experienced striving yogis who want to learn the hatha yoga basics in the most proper way and in a purity which hasn't changed in more than 15,000 years. The practice is adaptable for any kind of commitment level and has even options to be integrated into office life.

Workshop module

It is important to implement the practice into your life in a highly supporting atmosphere and learn it the most proper way. That is why we offer whole yoga practices only in workshop modules. For Upa-Yoga it takes two sessions with 2,5 hours each session. Both sessions are mandatory to attend to complete the workshop and being able to practice at home alone. 


„At first, I thought I would never be able to twist my body into these seemingly complex and impossible postures, at least not the way the man demonstrating them could do it. But after 2 weeks of 20-30 minutes of daily practice, I was able to get deeply into each pose. I haven’t stopped the practice since I started it over a year and a half ago, and have no intention of ever giving it up. As a side effect, my body has changed completely, slimming and toning in ways I could never accomplish with other forms of exercise. I have boundless energy in the morning, even when I feel too exhausted to walk from the bed to the shower to the yoga mat; once I get started, I feel magically energized and able to complete the practice. My flexibility has multiplied, and my meditation practice is infinitely more deep following the Hatha Yoga.“ - Eleanor


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