When you have not experimented a lot with yoga it is like an ocean full of opportunities and you pick by accident.
It is not important to do a little bit of everything but to pick a practice and master it. Of corse you can also have more practices and do them regularly, but it is important to do always the same ones and doing them over and over again. That's why we teach you your own practice in a proper way with focus on all the details. But how to choose the right practice for you?

All of the practices don’t require any pre-experience in yoga and can be practiced by every type of flexibility. That being said there are some tendencies, how to find the right practice for you. There are four main Hatha Yoga practices:

UPA-YOGA is start-up yoga. It is best for casual practitioners seeking higher levels of physical and psychological wellbeing.

SURYA KRIYA requires the least time commitment. It is designed especially to fit in the hectic pace of today’s modern day to day life. After the preparation asanas the practice takes only about 15 minutes, but can also be stretched for hours.

ANGAMARDANA is for those who look for a workout process which includes the yogic benefits. Without going to the gym one can reach peak of physical fitness, strength and mental health and still attend this complete yogic path. 

YOGASANAS aligns the body to geometry of the cosmos and prepares the system for the ultimate, while building physical strength and flexibility at the same time. 

„At first, I thought I would never be able to twist my body into these seemingly complex and impossible postures, at least not the way the man demonstrating them could do it. But after 2 weeks of 20-30 minutes of daily practice, I was able to get deeply into each pose. I haven’t stopped the practice since I started it over a year and a half ago, and have no intention of ever giving it up. As a side effect, my body has changed completely, slimming and toning in ways I could never accomplish with other forms of exercise. I have boundless energy in the morning, even when I feel too exhausted to walk from the bed to the shower to the yoga mat; once I get started, I feel magically energized and able to complete the practice. My flexibility has multiplied, and my meditation practice is infinitely more deep following the Hatha Yoga.“ - Eleanor


"Every particle in your body is communicating with the entire cosmos.

Yoga is about experiencing that." - Sadhguru


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